Shipchandler Gdynia

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Ship chandler service, ship delivery and ship technical supply offered in port Gdynia.


We are at your disposal whenever you are looking for an efficient ship chandler. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we provide marine services for ships, professionally supplying your vessel. You can trust us regardless of the size and type of your ship – you will receive professional support from us whenever you need it.

What kind of assistance can you count on? It comprises supplying ships with materials, equipment and food. It’s in the field of our concern as a ship chandler to make sure that all the ordereditems, equipment, tools, products etc are on board. The supplies provided by us include:

  • provisions,
  • deck stores,
  • tools,
  • chemical products,
  • safety equipment,
  • electronics,
  • maps and marine publications.
as well as all kinds of other supplies which should be onboard during a sea voyage. By cooperating with us, you save time and gain confidence that your ship is completely and properly supplied. We take care of that demanding task for you and we deliver equipment as quickly as possible. We know that time is important for you, so we do not waste a moment and we provide professional marine services for shipsin a short time. Not only professionalism and short service time, but also a favourable, competitive price means that many customers regularly return to us. That is the best reward for us, which we are the most proud of. We hope that you will also join the group of our partners. Call us or write to us now and check our offer!